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posted Mar 18, 2018, 9:24 AM by Ameila Giordano
I hope everyone has had a great weekend! This week we will be working on the Sight Words Eleven-Twenty. These are tough words so I will be giving the children two weeks to know them ( Please make sure you are studying them at home) Last week we did fruit tasting and graphing. The children graphed green and red grapes ( Green was the winner!) We also did grapefruit and oranges (Which I was totally shocked because grapefruit won!) And lastly we did red and brown pears ( and the brown pears won!) This week we will doing veggies! I will let you know next week which veggies won! This week we will be finishing up subtraction and moving on to money! We have officially started our countdown to Kindergarten. (There is now 51 more days until Kindergarten!). We will be moving on a steady but quick pace to cover everything we need to know for Kindergarten! Thursday is Tricky Tray, I'm wishing everyone good luck and hope you win something exciting! Just a reminder there will be no school for the children on Friday.  School for the Teachers only!! I hope everyone has a great week, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me!