A Message from Mrs.Geisler

posted Apr 21, 2015, 12:40 PM by Alexandra Arcuri
I'm very excited to tell you that the Transitions class borrowed a book/DVD from the library today!!!!  (Everyone went with a DVD!)  
We discussed the importance of taking excellent care of what they borrowed and how important it is to be sure to return their DVD on time.  The children talked about how they are going to keep the DVD in a safe place at home and away from younger siblings, dogs/cats, and their bowl of cereal.  
I would appreciate your help in teaching them to be responsible by reminding them to return their DVD to school next Tuesday, April 28th.  If it easier for them (and you) to return it sooner, feel free to send it back to school after they have watched the movie.
Thank you for your cooperation!
Mrs. Geisler