Moving Up Celebration

posted Jun 10, 2016, 8:11 AM by Alexandra Arcuri

I along with Mrs.G, thank you for a wonderful year, sharing your children, and choosing St.Leo's.  Enjoy the images I have attached from today's celebration! Have a wonderful, blessed, and restful summer. 
Alexandra Arcuri and Mrs.Giordano 

Last week of school

posted Jun 9, 2016, 5:30 PM by Alexandra Arcuri

This last week in Transitions........... We had more fun!! In math, we reinforced addition in multiple ways. We drew a  story based on a domino that we picked out of a bowl, we rolled and colored matching dice to animals, and lastly we added M & M's together! (see attached)  We also played matching sight word card games and sight word bingo. Finally, we celebrated our last day of class together at the end of the day by eating popsicles! 

Math, S.S., Sight words, and Religion

posted Jun 4, 2016, 8:29 AM by Alexandra Arcuri

This week in Transitions.... We continue to work hard adding numbers together by playing multiple games.We played: Flip and Add, Addition machine, and domino math. (See attached file) We continue to practice our sight word stories, reading them daily. The cereal boxes will be going home this week. Please continue to use the sight word stories over the summer to reinforce their words. In Social studies, we read a scholastic about summer safety. We discussed the importance it is to be safe around water. In Science, we focused on our tadpole, Pepe. His tail is getting shorter and his legs are starting to show! In Religion, we are working on a book all about Jesus and how he loves all the little children. Next week, our Moving Up Ceremony!

Field Day, Math, Writing Prompt.,Rockin' to Kindergarten

posted May 29, 2016, 5:50 PM by Alexandra Arcuri

This week in Transitions.... In Math we continue to work on numbers by playing a lot of games. We played Pick a Card, Place the number before and after, Roll and Dot. We continue to work on our sight words. We are reinforcing all the words we have learned by reading our stories together daily. Our writing prompt this week was: My Summer Looks so Bright I Have to Wear Shades. I can't wait until........ (See attached) The kiddos also created their school shoes for the hallway. Rockin' into Kindergarten with Pete. Finally, we had so much fun during field day. We played on the Fun Bus, Parachute, Duck, Duck, Goose with water, Racing games, and we got creative with Shaving Cream!

May Crowning, Math, and Science

posted May 22, 2016, 6:11 AM by Alexandra Arcuri

This week in Transitions... On Monday we participated in May Crowning in church. (see attached) In Math, we played several different games to continue to reinforce numbers and addition. In Science, we finished our Frog unit. The kiddos ended the unit with a fun game... How hard is it to be a frog? How hard would it be to eat like a frog? They used party blowers ( to mimic a frog's tongue)  and tried to catch their own insects with them. Fun! Fun! Fun! Lastly, are sight words this week were FUNNY, and GO! This upcoming week will be short. Don't forget Thursday is field day. Dismissal at 1:00 pm with no aftercare. No school Friday or Monday. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Science, Math, Sight Words, Fun!

posted May 14, 2016, 8:32 AM by Alexandra Arcuri

This week in Transitions... We were introduced to our new tadpole, Pepe. We will watch Pepe go through the life cycle of a frog. We are writing and drawing all his steps in our science journals. We had a lot of fun in class this week. We used the Smartboard to pretend we were frogs trying to catch our food! (see attached) We cut, glued, and reinforced numbers this week while putting together our tadpole and frog puzzles. We also played a spin game about the life cycle of a frog and then we graphed our results. On Friday, we made a frog pond and ate it! We used dirt,water, and frogs OR our cooking interpretation... we used brownies, blue frosting, and gummy frogs. It was delicious! Our class field trip to Abma's farm was a success also. Please see previous post for all of the pictures. They are also on St.Leo's Facebook page, and Instagram page! This weeks sight words were FIND and FOR. Keep practicing at home. Our cereal boxes are getting full of wonderful sight word stories to bring home at the end of the year. The kiddos are enjoying our books and learning slowly how to read independently! 

Class Trip to Abma's Farm

posted May 11, 2016, 12:44 PM by Alexandra Arcuri

What a beautiful day for a fantastic class trip. I have attached pictures that I was able to take today with the class! The kiddos had a fabulous time! Enjoy!

Math, Science, and Sight Words

posted May 7, 2016, 9:06 AM by Alexandra Arcuri

This week in Transitions....In math we continue to focus on joining groups together, listening, and using  problem solving strategies. This strengthens each child's math skills when I introduce addition. It helps them think through each step when they need to come to a conclusion such as do I need one more? Or am I putting the things all together? In science, we have started our frog unit. We discussed the life cycle of a frog. We wrote about it in our science journals, and created a project. (see attached) We also read and watch a short video on it. This week we will focus on our new friend, Pepe the tadpole. On Monday, the kiddos will be introduced to Pepe and we will watch him for the rest of the year going through all of the stages of a frog. It becomes the most exciting event that happens in science this time of year. Our sight words this past week were COME and DOWN. We continue to create books every week in class using these words. Please continue to check your child's folder every week to see all the additional work we do using our sight words. Please take advantage and try to reinforce the words in your daily lives. With our continued partnership your children and my students can reach the stars! 

Sight Words, Math, and Science

posted May 1, 2016, 9:06 AM by Alexandra Arcuri

This week in Transitions.... We learned two new sight words Blue and Can. Our writing prompt this week was the title of our sight word book. Blue bird what do you see? In math, we are continuing to put groups together, the first steps to adding numbers. In science, we focused on flowers and flower parts. We read books, The Tiny Seed, and Seeds Seeds Seeds. We created a 3-D design labeling all the parts of a flower. We used a cupcake liner for the flower, bird seeds, construction paper for the stem and the leaf, and yarn for the roots. On Friday we put our own flower together using real plant food. We used broccoli for the flower, sunflower seeds, celery for the stem, lettuce leaves, and carrots for the roots! (see attached) The kiddos had a lot of fun putting it together and eating their plant! 

Math,Sight Words, and Earth Day!

posted Apr 24, 2016, 8:03 AM by Alexandra Arcuri

This week in Transitions we learned all about symmetry in Math. We made a few symmetrical monsters during the week and then on Friday we made our own! (see attached) In Science, this week it was all about Earth Day! Our writing prompt this week was... I can care for the earth by.... going green. We played with dirt, we made recycled robots, and finally we made edible dirt cups with included rocks, (oreo cookie crumbs) and gummy worms! Our sight words this week were Away, and Big. Next week, we will be studying parts of a flower in Science,in Math we begin putting numbers together (adding), and I will be introducing two new sight words.

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