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Math Numbers, Letter L, Telephone, and 100th Day......

posted Feb 20, 2016, 7:15 AM by Alexandra Arcuri
This week in Transitions we continued learning our numbers. We played two different math games which included a spin and count number game along with a memory number card game. Our letter of the week was L. We traced, wrote it, and created our art project. Lollipop begins with the letter L. We also continue to work on our phone numbers in class. We made our own phones cut, and glued our numbers on to our "play phones". These phones are now laminated and will remain in class for the kiddos to be proactive and continue to practice their phone numbers. This gives them the opportunity to be independent and press the numbers on the phone or to write on top of the numbers with a dry erase marker. 
Did you hear? It was the 100th day of school!! They had such a great time. We participated in a school wide activity which included time in the gym with our Kindergarten class. Transitions and Kindergarten classes where asked to  categorize  balloons by colors. At the end we had fun throwing the balloons to each other.(see attached file). 
The fun continued in the classroom where we counted out and put 100 stickers on paper during free art time in the morning. We also created a gumball machine. The kiddos used dot paint to stamp out 100 on to their machines. Finally, we had fun eating all our great goodies for our 100th day party! Thank you everyone who sent in the supplies needed for our fun filled day! Next week, our letter of the week is the letter G.
Alexandra Arcuri,
Feb 20, 2016, 7:15 AM