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Shapes, Numbers, Snow, Ice, Groundhogs, and Hearts filled with Love

posted Jan 30, 2016, 7:30 AM by Alexandra Arcuri
This week in Transitions we completed our unit in shapes by having a math shape scavenger hunt! The kiddos paired up with a partner and then went around the room looking for the shapes on the list, drawing them, and coloring them. We touched upon numbers when we put our Polar bear in number order together. In Science, we took advantage of the weather and painted snow!!! (See attached file) We also used food coloring and made frozen hands and "winter" slime...the kids had fun stretching it, seeing how long it could go, using them as mustaches, bracelets,and just having fun! Keeping the theme going on Friday we made homemade slushies for our cooking lesson. Since groundhogs day is upon us this week we also voted to see if the class thought that he might see his shadow or not. Most of the kids did not think he would see his shadow while one student did! 

With Catholic Schools week starting tomorrow we also made 100 reasons why we love our school and Transitions in a bulletin board. The students cut out all the hearts themselves! Then they each wrote their own names on the hearts,I cut the hearts and turned them into a puzzles that they had to put back together again. Then they each wrote a sentence explaining why they loved St.Leo's and Transitions. Finally, they drew pictures of themselves in school! 

Open house for Catholic Schools Week is tomorrow. Please stop by and take a look at all of our hard work! There are a lot of upcoming events this week don't forget to look in the family folder. Next week, in math we will be starting numbers 0-20. Our letter of the week is V.

Looking forward to seeing you all in school this week!
Alexandra Arcuri,
Jan 30, 2016, 7:30 AM